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From Mexico City to LA

Manu Beker first began to play music at age 14. At first, Manu only played guitar in his room, privately singing to himself, but soon after he was writing his own songs and developing his proficiency at both composing and performing.  

By the time he was 18, Manu was already successfully debuting his solo artist project to audiences in his home town of Mexico City while starting to attend college level courses at the Berklee college of music in Boston Massachussets. 

One year later Manu Beker became a recipient of the Lillian Disney award, awarded to him by the California Institute of The Arts where he now is pursuing a degree in music. Since then he has collaborated with Grammy award-winning producers, scored for film & television and worked with a variety of artists in different fields to further his career in music.

Since his beginnings in 2016 Manu Beker has managed to create a unique sound for himself and he has been able to solidify himself as one of the up and coming solo artists of the Mexican music scene, all while attending college in Los Angeles, California. 

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